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Cautious Optimism

Hello everyone!

I have a much cheerier post for you today. Ficcage! Well, sort of. I don't mean to get your hopes up, but I have one more one-shot (or limited-fic, I should say) to finish before I am (for now) done to focus on my novel-length fics. Aside from that one, damnable fic still giving me trouble, I've been alternately drafting and typing the one-shots to e-mail to my beta and I've started outlining KM and WN. Progress!

The question now, though, is where I should post the fics. I have a fanfiction.net account and (obviously) a livejournal account. I've been considering a Mugglenet Fanfiction account, an Unknowable Room account and a HarryPotterFanfiction.com account, but I haven't been convinced, and I'm on the waiting list for an Archive of Our Own invite.

I've also been looking for LJ communities, but it's an awful lot of work. I have a list, though, so if I feel ambitious I'll give it a shot and join a bunch of them. I suppose it wouldn't be too much more work to cross post to communities. Not to mention that it'll hopefully get me a higher readership here.

Tomorrow, I think I'll list all of the one-shots (well, mostly one-shots) that I have in the queue to post. If you can't help yourself, about... twelve of them, I think, are posted on fanfiction.net. I'm editing and updating them for posting here and elsewhere and an update there, but that will be done simultaneously. Just so you lot know.

See you all tomorrow.


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