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Checking In


So it's been a few months since I last updated, but I've actually made progress. Granted, that progress is extremely slow, but it's been steady and I think I can build off of it, opposed to my normal "bursts of creativity" moments of progress.

First thing is that I have finished writing all of my one-shots and I'm currently typing them up and sending them off to my betas to be reveiwed and returned. You can probably expect me to start posting them shortly. I'm also in the middle of outlingYou've Got to Be Kidding Me and Why Not for the rewrites and I don't expect that to take too long to finish. Following that, I will be finishing up the Reality series, starting with When Reality Fades. Finally, I will start and finish my Marauders series. It's all in the works and I plan to keep up momentum.

If you're a fan of the fanfics that I have co-written, my co-writer is even busier than I am. Once I finalize the outlines for my stories and have a nice set of chapters ready for posting, we'll start looking at those stories. We will be finishing our Marauder-centric story, then our Trio-centric. At the time, we had been planning a Next-Gen story, but we'll see how that goes.

As far as original writing goes, I have several story outlines in the works set in two different universes. The one I'm plotting out right now is going very well and I am nearly finished with the initial stage. After this is carding, outlining and prep work so I can start writing! I'm still working on my series, but it probably won't make it to the front burners until all of my fandom stuff is at least outlined.

My blogs, aside from this Livejournal one, are going through some changes. My Harry Potter blog, "On the Train to Hogwarts," is active and I'm currently reading the Harry Potter books from the beginning. It's an interesting process that I'm enjoying. My other blogs are still in the planning stages; I'll keep you all updated on that as it progresses.

That's it for now. I hope to see all of you on my other blogs or when I start posting my fanfics.