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Finally Ready to Embark


That took much longer than I anticipated. I haven't gotten very good at regular posts on my non-lj blogs, either, but I am improving and getting semi-regular at the whole thing.

At any rate, I do have a purpose behind this post other than whinging about what I should be and am not doing. I have an annoucement! (Even if I don't have any readers yet.) I am going to start posting my fics pretty soon. Just in case you may have stumbled across it at some point, I am the author JetGriffins89 on so no accusing me of plagarizing. You can even PM me over there if you're very concerned.

It'll start with my one-shots. Newly edited or just new, I'll post one old one and one new one a week until I'm done. Since I'm currently working on my multi-chaptered stories, I don't know when they'll be ready to post. We'll have to see, but I won't wait until all of my one-shots are posted; each story will have it's own schedule and timeline.

Tags: fanfiction, harry potter

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