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Hi all!

I promise I'm still working on my fics. I only have three more one-shots to finish writing before I feel like I can start prepping them for my beta reader, then for posting. I'm outlining my companion fics Why Not? and You've Got to be Kidding Me as we speak, so I can start working on them as soon as the one-shots (almost 30 of them) go to my beta. After that When Reality Fades will be finished followed by my full-length Marauder series, yet to be named.

As far as the other blogs go, everything's on hiatus. The only things that are going to be active this month (aside from explanatory posts) are this livejournal here, my twitter account and my tumblr page. However, I am planning everything out so I'm flailing a little less often and can update on time. I hate being that person who doesn't update on time, even when I actually have a legitimate reason for the lateness.

In addition to all of the other stuff up there and my real life obligations (which aren't much, to be honest), I'm still working on my original fic. The book I finally settled on working on (aside from during NaNo November, maybe) is actually the first in a long series. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to be able to start writing it, but I'm currently working on the general series outline. We'll see how it goes.

I'll keep all of you (not that I really have any readers at this point) updated on what's going on and I'll try to keep semi-regular here on livejournal.
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