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Did I Expect This to be So Hard?

...yeah, probably. It's why I've put it off for so long, too, but I really need to, you know, get on with it. Finish stuff and what not.

A couple of things before I get into the fanfiction. First thing is that I think I'm sick again, which sucks, but I don't feel like I'm dying. Small blessings. Second thing is that I'm making slight progress on my original fic. It's slow and taking longer than I'd like, but I have a feeling that has something to do with all these one-shots I'm working on. Thirdly, Hawaii is getting a Quidditch team! Yay! Check on Luna's Nightmarchers on tumblr or facebook if you're interested.

Now on to the fic...

I spent about two or so days (slowly) looking around livejournal for the active Potter fanfic communities. It was a lot of work, but I really do need to get on it and actually promote my fics for once. I also decided to stick with and livejournal for initial posting of all my fic. If I have the time and think it's worthwhile, I'll expand and post on, Mugglenet fanfiction, and The Unknowable Room. I'm also up for an invite to An Archive of Our Own soon, which is definitely somewhere I'll post my stories.

Although my other-than-writing skills are less than spectacular, I've decided on three things. You may not be interested.

The first thing is that-- despite my amateurish sketching/coloring ability-- I'm going to attempt to make covers for all of the fic and chapter illustrations. This may be published with the story, but chances are that it won't be. If anyone is interested in making them for me, go right ahead. I'd love it, in fact.

Secondly, eventually I'm going to try to have audio versions of all of my fics as well. Personally, I think I have a weird accent resulting from growing up in Hawaii, watching entirely too much British television as a child, and having family (including my mother) from Boston. Others disagree, so I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. I'll update everyone on that, but it most definitely won't be updated with the original fic. Once again, anyone want to do it, I'm giving you blanket permission for any of my fanfics. I ask that you inquire further about any original fics.

Lastly, once everything is up and finalized, I'll make nice pdf's (and other formats) of all my fic. I enjoy being able to read fic on my iPod, phone, Kindle and computer, so I'd like to have copies of everything. Until then (and afterward), once I start posting there will be a sticky post up top containing my Master List.

Now, as I promised, I'm going to go into detail about the upcoming fics. I have two more one-shots to write before I can start sending them over to my beta. I've read through KM and WN, and I've started to outline them. WRF is on hold for now. And, lastly, my Marauder fic is in the refinement stages for the complete plan. Check out below the cut for the fics.

The One Shots (not necessarily in order of posting)

1. He Laughed Already posted on, a character study of Sirius based on the day he was arrested. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

2. Human Nature Already posted on, comparison between the first war (Marauder generation) and the second (Trio). Mostly canon-compliant, but not entirely. Written pre-HBP. Non-compliant to my Marauder universe.

3. Was This Courage? Already posted on, a character study of James Potter after the Whomping Willow Incident. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

4. Not Interested Already posted on, a reaction to the Remus/Tonks movement after OotP. Neither pro- or anti- Remus/Tonks, is can be read either way (if you squint it could even be Remus/Sirius). Humorous. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

5. She Knew Already posted on, a general character study of Lily (Evans) Potter. Canon-compliant. Non-compliant to my Marauder universe.

6. Her Bright Star, Fallen Already posted on, a character study of Walburga Black and her relationship with her eldest son. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

7. A Name to Be Numbered Already posted on, James/OFC from her PoV. Reaction to the fact that James never seems to get any because of his undying love for Lily. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

8. Burning Parchment Already posted on, character study of Petunia if she and Dudley had magic too. Alternate universe. Non-compliant to my Marauder universe.

9. Brothers Saved, Brothers Failed New! Character study of the Marauders through their relationship to each other. Canon-compliant. Probably compliant to my Marauder universe.

10. Only Natural New! Two part character study of Sirius and Regulus from the other's point of view. Canon-compliant. Probably compliant to my Marauder universe.

11. He Fought New! General character study of James. Canon-compliant. Possibly compliant my Marauder universe.

12. He Ran New! General character study of Peter. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

13. He Hoped New! General character study of Remus. Canon-compliant. Possibly compliant to my Marauder universe.

14. She Lied New! General character study of Petunia. Canon-compliant. Compliant to Marauder universe.

15. Like Brothers New! A bit out of my comfort zone, a James/Sirius one-shot. Canon-compliant through the fact that JKR has never denied it and it's technically possible. Possibly compliant to my Marauder universe, but unlikely.

16. A Name on His List New! Sequel to A Name to Be Numbered where the OFC gets a name! Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

17. Sometimes, He Wished New! Five (yes, 5) part series. Each of the Marauders and Severus have very strong opinions about their House placement, but sometimes doubt works its way in. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

18. Expendable New! Character study of Albus Dumbledore. Hopefully canon-compliant, he's somewhere between doting grandfather and evil manipulator here. Severus also makes an appearance. Canon-complaint. Complaint to my Marauder universe.

19. Brave and Bold New! Another OFC one-shot, this time with Regulus as the leading man. Also manages to be a character study of Regulus. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe (I think).

20. Unnamed Regulus/OFC New! A more detailed look at the relationship between the OFC from Brave and Bold and Regulus from the OFC's point of view. Canon-compliant. Most likely compliant to my Marauder universe.

21. Unnamed Percy/Audrey New! Percy found Audrey tiring at first. Then he learned more about her. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe (which goes nowhere near that far in the "future").

22. Pretending New! Character study of Sirius after the Whomping Willow Incident. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

23. Persistent New! A look at James/Lily through the eyes of (a very annoyed) Lily. Canon-compliant. Possibly compliant to my Marauder universe.

24. Scar (Name Not Definite) New! Character study of Harry through his perception of himself. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe (once again through being too far in the "future").

25. Unnamed Fic New! The discussion between Petunia and Vernon after they find Harry on their front step. Canon-compliant. Compliant to my Marauder universe.

*sigh* I'm exhausted just looking at that. Twenty-five new fics, with a total of thirty (if I'm counting right) chapters. Yay!

As soon as I finish writing all of that (almost done!) I'll start planning KM and WN more thoroughly, and hopefully start reviewing and writing them as I type up and send of my one-shots to be beta'd. They'll be followed by WRF and my epic Marauder fic, which will be my last novel-length solo fanfic. I'm hoping to get more serious about my originals after I finish everything.

The Novels

1a. Why Not? The result of never seeing a good James/OFC AU fic. Since James is easily my favorite character, I attempted to rectify that. This is from James's PoV. Partially posted on

1b. You've Got to Be Kidding Me Companion to Why Not? a James/OFC AU fic from the OFC's point of view. These two fics are to be posted concurrently (although possibly on different days of the week). Partially posted on

2. When Reality Fades series. A fan-meets-character fic that was, once again, the result of never finding quality fics like this. I'm hoping to be able to adjust the plot to a two-story series. Partially posted on

3. Unnamed Marauder series. A canon(-ish) Marauder story starting from their first year and ending around the time when Sirius gets thrown in jail. It is pretty much completely plotted out and I've started writing it, but it's not done yet, so I haven't posted anything.

Done! Okay, that's enough procrastinating. I'm going to bed. And tomorrow I will hopefully finish up the last of my new one-shots. Wish me luck.
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